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Pre-Employment Medical Examinations
Injury Management and Rehabilitation

Our Pre Employment Medicals are an assessment of a worker's physical capacity to perform a task for a potential employer.   The thorough examination by our Occupational Physicians assists in minimising the risk of injury to the worker or co-workers and the public.


Our specialist knowledge of work related medicine, together with our practical knowledge of the legal ramifications of employment, injury risk and discrimination, minimises the risk to employers of engaging staff who are not suited to the demands of the job.


We have a recognised protocol, including a comprehensive questionnaire and an extensive medical assessment of:

  • Posture

  • Neck, back and shoulders

  • Grip strength

  • Vision (Colour, near, far, binocular co-ordination)

  • Cardiovascular (Electrocardiogram if requested)

  • Lung function (Computerised spirometry available)

  • Drug & Alcohol screening

  • Hearing test


Our Pre-Placement Examinations include statutory medical examinations and industry specific examinations including:

  • Personal & Protective Equipment

  • Manual Handling

  • Food Handling

  • Specific Hazards

  • Aviation Medicals

  • Trucksafe Medicals

  • Overseas & Remote Locations


We are happy to work with Employers to develop a Pre Employment Medical that fits their specific business  requirements.  We realise that there is no one size fits all approach to employment medicals. 


A tailored examination may include a functional assessment by our physio's to determine if the potential employee has the ability to lift or carry weights over a designated distance,  or if they have the ability to bend and squat repeatedly.

Independent Medical Examinations

Independent Medical Examinations provide a review of the medical status of an employee.


This may be required for legal reasons or simply as part of a process of occupational health management.


Our experience in assessment, workplace systems and rehabilitation processes adds to the knowledge base about an employee. Further analysis of factors such as cause of the illness or injury, thorough examination of the disability, assessment of risk, advice regarding rehabilitation management and future preventive measures can often resolve more complex cases.



Key Person Medicals

We have developed a tailored approach to the particular health problems faced by your management team or Key/essential workers.


We believe a pro-active approach to management of key individuals health is an important investment in a company's future.

Our Key Person Medical services are designed to indentify health risk conditions and to monitor the health of the any essential Employee for factors known to be prevalent in this group.

A comprehensive medical history is taken during the consultation and the completed report is sent to the patient or their nominated GP, so that they can continue with any recommendations if needed. 


Our examinations may include:

  • Cardiovascular assessment / cardiovascular stress

  • Respiratory / spirometry

  • Skin

  • Vision

  • Urinalysis

  • Prostate (if applicable)

  • Lipids

  • Testing for diabetes

  • Bowel cancer screening

  • Blood screening

  • Musculoskeletal Examination


The program involves two appointments for all tests to be conducted and the option of a follow up appointment to discuss management of any conditions identified.



Our approach to Injury Management and Rehabilitation is based on three critical principles:

  • Early assessment and intervention improves the long term outcome

  • Open and clear communication with the injured worker and employer is essential

  • Early appropriate referral to relevant medical specialists and other allied health professionals is crucial

These factors govern our underlying aim in injury management and rehabilitation - timely return to work.

We have a strong emphasis toward minimising the worker's disability with accurate assessment of pain and disability factors and assessment of work demands.

We adopt a systematic approach to injury management with regular employee contact, medical liaison and action on delayed progress.

Second Opinion Medicine

An exciting inititive where injured workers can be seen by a specialist in the early stages of their injury.    Our aim is to offer an appointment for patients within 10 working days from receipt of a referral from the treating GP/Doctor.  


Our Adelaide based Physicians can provide a treating GP or Speecialist with a diverse range of information, such as:

  • a Second Opinion on the injury 

  • answer specific questions on the injury

  • assist with Return to work plans

  • treatment options

  • Return to work options

  • telephone or video case discussions

  • A range of alternative duties


A written summy of the consultation summary will be sent to the treating Doctor on completion of our examination

Health Promotion

Our Health Promotion services encompass a range of measures designed to prevent ill-health, detect imminent health problems and promote healthy lifestyles.

The program involves:


  • Influenza

  • Hepatitis A and B

  • Q Fever

Health Checks

  • Blood pressure

  • Cholesterol

  • Blood sugar

  • Skin checks


  • Toolbox talks

  • Men's health

  • Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol

  • Working in special conditions (e.g. heat, confined spaces)

Drug and Alcohol testing

The management of problems related to alcohol and other drugs in the workplace requires a professional yet sensitive approach.   Testing can address the problems of individual workers and issues of:

  •    Discrimination

  •    Occupational Risks

  •    Duty of Care

  •    Work site safety

Our service includes assessment, screening, education and the development of policies to handle this issue.


We are able to screen employees for possible drug or alcohol use at a number of stages or in a number of ways - pre-employment, following an incident, selected groups, random tests.


Our ten Panel test kits can screen for a range of drugs including opiates, stimulants, benzodiazepines, cannabinoids, barbiturates and alcohol.


We also test each sample for screening or masking agents that may interfere with testing process.   We also check for abnormal  temperature readings of the samples . 


These tests and their outcome are handled in accordance with your company policy. If no defined policy exists we will work with companies to develop and introduce a policy specific for their workforce.


Samples that return a "non negative" are sent via secure means to be tested at an approved laboratory.   Results are usually returned to the employer within 72 hours.



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