Second Opinion Medicine (SOM)- for South Australian Workplace Injuries

OccmedSolutions is pleased to announce our involvement in a new initiative to assist with the treatment of Work related injuries.  This initiative is a Clinical Support Services for General Practitioners and our goal is to provide answers to any questions that the treating GP may have regarding the treatment of their patient. 


It has traditionally taken months, even years in some cases before an injured worker has been able to see a Specialist about their work related injury.  


This programme enables General Practitioners and Case Managers to refer workers to selected Specialists early in the injury treatment cycle for assistance in the management / treatment of their patient.   Patients can request a SOM as well but we do advise talking to your Case Manager first.


It is the aim of OccmedSolutions to offer an appointment with one of our Adelaide based specialists within ten days of receiving a request.


The prompt diagnosis and treatment of a work related injury by a treating GP with the assistance of an experienced Physician, where needed, may help to prevent a worker’s injuries from becoming chronic and possibly delaying or preventing a return to pre-injury levels of fitness.  An early appointment for a worker may assist in reducing the impact of an injury, allowing for an early and safe return to work.   


Our Second Opinion Medicine programme will ensure that patients are seen by physicians who have comprehensive experience and understanding in the treatment and management of work place injuries.


Our Physicians have seen first-hand what it takes to safely perform a wide range of jobs and how to minimise the risk of further injury when an injured worker returns to work.   They have worked “on site” in a number of industries as diverse as Automotive, Manufacturing, the Meat Industry, Mining, Construction, Engineering, Hospitals as well as Health and Administration.


We believe in working closely with the treating GP and on completion of the consultation, will provide them with a written summary of the consultation  addressing any questions or concerns they may have about the injury or outlining treatment recommendations on the workers injury.  We are happy to follow up with a phone call to the GP as well to discuss the summary.  Our physicians are all based in Adelaide and are happy to provide their services for South Australian Workers.


Under the Second Opinion Medicine Scheme the GP will remain the primary treating doctor and will be in charge of all treatment requests.  We feel this will contribute significantly to the rehabilitation process.


We understand the importance of timely service and that prompt intervention and effective management is the key to a successful return to work. As a result, OccmedSolutions aims to provide an appointment for you within ten business days of receiving the referral/request.


We have the facilities to conduct Video conferences to allow demonstrations of treatment methods if this is requested. 


Our Physicians regularly travel to rural areas such as Mount Gambier, Port Lincoln, Victor Harbor and Berri.  We Also have the ability to use consulting rooms located in several locations across Adelaide.  We are more than happy to see SOM patients at a medical practice in these areas and meet with the referrring GP  on completion of the consultation. 


Occupational Physicians

  • Dr Gavin Shepherd

  • Dr Vasilios (Bill) Panayiaris

  • Dr James Economos

  • Dr Brett Opperman

Emergency Physician    

  • Dr Lee Hammerstein


  • Dr Santosh Poonnoose


  • Dr David Schultz

Orthopaedic Surgeons

  • Dr Nicholas Chabrel

  • Dr John Van Essen

  • Dr Mike Smith


  • ​​Dr John Tomich




  • Dr Raymond Loh




  • Dr Arthur Loukas




  • Dr Gary Champion

Sports Physician


  • Dr Elizabeth Clisby

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