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Occupational injury and illness are a significant cause of loss to a worker and for a business. 


Working with the treating GP, an early diagnosis and treatment by an experienced Occupational Physician, if required, will provide an injured worker with the assistance needed to prevent simple injuries from becoming chronic and delaying or preventing a return to work.


Specialist managed early intervention for injured workers has been associated with significantly reducing lost time and claim costs. Such treatment may assist in reducing the impact of an injury on an individual thereby facilitating an improvement in workplace culture which is good news for workers and good news for business.


Our early intervention program is managed by experienced Occupational and Pain/Rehabilitation Physicians who have a lot of

experience in managing work place health and injury in a wide range of industries including automotive, manufacturing, the meat industry, mining, construction, engineering, health and administration.


We believe that continuity of care coupled with expert coordination of treatment will contribute significantly to the rehabilitation process.


Our considerable experience in the provision of occupational medicine services in a range of industries has shown us that no two businesses are the same and that a custom approach is needed for every business or employee we deal with.

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