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When should i make a referral?


Our Specialist Early Intervention and Management program has been designed to assess and manage a worker's injury in the early stages of their injury.


We are often asked to provide a second opinion for GPs and are happy to work with the patient and their GP to obtain a diagnosis or develope a managment plan for the treatment of the injury. 


We will require a referral from your GP or treating Doctor.

How do I make a referral?


Please contact OccmedSolutions either via the contact us area above or phone us on


08  7100 6100 


We understand the importance of a timely service and that you may need a pre employment medical assessment at short notice.


Our aim is to provide a pre employment appointment within 3 working days of a request and strive hard to ensure that a potential  employer will receive results of a pre employment medical by close of business on the same day, depending on test results for drug testing some "non Negative" results may take 24-72 hours to be processed through the labs.


The early intervention program understand the importance of a timely service and that prompt intervention and effective management is the key to a substantial reduction in workers compensation costs.


As a result,  OccmedSolutions aims to provide an appointment for an injured worker within ten business days.

What happens following an appointment with an injured worker?


Clear communication between all parties following an injury makes a difference in outcome for an injured worker. Our Occupational Physicians will work with the treating GP and the worker to minimise the impact of an injury.


Should a worker require ongoing management of their injury, a concise summary of the consultation outlining a management plan and treatment recommendations will be forwarded to the referrer.


Ongoing management may include a work site visit by the treating specialist to identify practical issues that might impede a return to function or a referral to another specialist provider (ie physiotherapist, psychologist) and facilitating effective communication between  OccmedSolutions, the treating GP, the worker and the employer.

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