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Allowing you to maximise the health of your workforce




OccmedSolutions not only offers the treatment and managment of a workers injuries,  we are also a provider of comprehensive  non discriminatory  medical assessments.   


We can provide employers with Pre Employment Medicals for Potential employees through to the managment  of work place injuries for existing employees. We also provide medico legal reporting of work related, compensable or MVA injuries.   


We understand that the health of your workforce is pivotal to Employer productivity and profitability.  


Determining potential health issues that might prevent an employee from performing safely and to the best of their ability is an important injury risk reduction strategy for any business.



  • ​Pre-Employment Medical Examinations

  • Injury Management and Rehabilitation

  • ​Health Promotion

  • Independent Medical Examinations

  • Permanent Impairment Assessments

  • Key Person Medicals

  • Alcohol and Drug Testing

  • Onsite workplace assessment

  • Second Opinions

  • Second Opinion Medicine 

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